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At Wired Assurance, we don't just provide services; we engineer confidence. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, your success depends on unyielding software quality, unbreakable security, and unparalleled expertise. That's where we come in.

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Engage us at any stage of your project phase

We understand the impact of bugs and vulnerabilities in your project, and we are committed to identifying them.

Threat Intelligence

Track and detect malicious activities, threat incidence response, and takedown services.

Software Testing

Experience our Manual QA testing, automated web and API testing, covering over 80% coverage

Security Testing

Our vulnerability tests, penetration tests, and secured code review focused on identifying security flaws and exploitable parts of your product

Blockchain Testing

We audit cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and conduct blockchain forensic, while offering you an audit certificate, detailed reports and guidance.

Our Products

Our Unique Products Creates Security Threat Solutions For Your Website


  • Application Dependency Monitoring
  • Endpoints Automatic Test Generation
  • Automated VAPT Scans
  • API Threat and Traffic Monitoring

Threat Intelligence

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Actionable Intelligence for prevention
  • Incident response support
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis


  • Hands-on Experience
  • Expert Guidance
  • Up-to-date Industry Insights
  • Flexible Learning Options

Test Management Solution

  • Comprehensive testing coverage
  • Efficient bug detection and prevention
  • Optimized testing process
  • Balancing human expertise with AI capabilities


What Clients Say About Us

Using Wiredassurance has definitely saved us time, money, and bugs. And we’ve had easier audits and bug free contracts.

This product is exceptionally valuable, it helped us identify and address numerous issues efficiently. We appreciate the team for delivering this remarkable product.

APIsentry removes the need for multiple tools/platforms to handle things like monitoring and logging. It handles everything while ensuring our platform is secured.

Wiredassurance has really helped our business. Definitely worth the investment. Thank you!

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API security is important for many industries, but some industries have a particularly high need for robust API security measures due to the sensitive nature of their data or the potential consequences of security breaches. Uncover the vast and diverse audience relying on our comprehensive suite of solutions, spanning across varied industries.

Web2 and Web3 Enthusiasts

Unlocking the Power of Secure Web Interactions

Enterprises and Businesses

Elevate Your Security Standards, Empower Your Business

IT Professionals

Next-Level Security Expertise for IT Visionaries


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Web2 and Web3 Enthusiasts

Welcome to Wired Assurance, where we pioneer the next era of secure web experiences for both Web2 and Web3 enthusiasts. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure that your digital interactions, whether on traditional websites or decentralized platforms, are fortified against evolving cyber threats. Explore the future of the web with Wired Assurance – where security meets innovation.

Decentralized App (DApp) Security Audits

Smart Contract Testing

Quality Assurance Test

User Acceptance Test

Security Audits

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